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Motor Claim Guidelines (MCG)

Since 14th August 2017, the Insurance & Takaful Industry of Negara Brunei Darussalam have adopted Motor Claim Guidelines (MCG). MCG is a joint effort between Insurance & Takaful Industry, Brunei Royal Police Force (Traffic) and Ministry of Transport and Info-Communication (MTIC).

MCG is a best practice undertaken by all motor insurers in Negara Brunei Darussalam, which provides a clear and common procedure on what to do in an event of a motor accident.

The Primary objectives of MCG include:

  • Provides motorists with an enhanced claims experience;

  • Provides clear and common procedures for reporting of motor accidents;

  • Allows motorists to make motor claims in a simple, efficient and speedy manner.

Four (4) Steps to make a Claim for Motor Accident (MCG)

However MCG DOES NOT APPLY to ALL Motor Accident. The following motor accident scenario is excluded from the MCG scenario and motorist will be required to call Police Hotline (993) for assistance.

Non - MCG Scenario includes Motor Accident Involving:

  1. Injuries and(or) Fatalities;

  2. Government Property of Brunei Darussalam;

  3. Hit and Run;

  4. Pedestrian;

  5. Cyclist;

  6. Special Registered Vehicle;

  7. Foreign Registered Vehicle;

  8. Driver Under Influence (DUI) of Drugs and (or) Alcohol (Intoxicated Driver)

It is important to note that, under MCG, motorist may still request assistance from traffic police to relief traffic build-up and etc. Please do be reminded that Motorist are all obligated by national law to report accident within 24 hours (Road Traffic Act (Amendment) Order; 2017; Clause 2.2)

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