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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  1. Why do I need insurance?
    Insurance is one of the method to mitigate risk, as the risk is transferred to the insurance company or in case of takaful, the risk is spread with a large pool of participant.

  2. What is No-Claim-Discount (NCD) and (or) No-Claim-Bonus (NCB)?
    No-Claim-Bonus (NCB) and No-Claim-Discount (NCD) is the reward to the policyholder for not making any claim in preceding year.

  3. What is excess?
    The sum of money that the policyholder agreed to contribute towards the cost of claim.

  4. How do I make a claims?
    Before making a claim, check if the type of damages / risk is covered under the policy you’ve purchased, make notes on the terms and condition that is laid out in the policy and the sum payable under your policy. If you are making a motor claims, please kindly refer to Motor Claims Guideline that is launched since 14th August 2017.

  5. Under MCG, How will motorists benefit from the MCG?
    Under the MCG, insurers will assist policyholders in handling repairs to their damaged vehicles. Insurers will provide a comprehensive service through their authorized accident reporting center (ARC) or authorized workshops. All motorists required to do is to report to their insurer within 24 hours or the next working day and to bring their accident vehicle to their insurer authorized accident reporting center (ARC) or authorized workshop.

  6. Will the MCG apply to all motor insurers?
    Yes, the MCG applies to all motor insurers. It will be a policy condition which all motor insurers will enforce.

  7. Do I have to inform my insurer even though there is no damage to my vehicle?
    Yes, you must always report all accidents to your insurer no matter how minor the accident may be, even if there is no visible damage. or even if you have made a private settlement with the other driver. You must do this as you cannot be fully certain that the other party will not file a claim against you later.

  8. What happen if I choose not to report the accident to my insurer?
    Failure to report within the prescribed timeline will affect your No Claims Discount (NCD) or No Claims Bonus (NCB) upon renewal of your motor insurance.

  9. Will the new measures that insurers are promising add to costs? Will this translate to higher premiums?
    The driving force behind the MCG is the enhancement of customer experience with a comprehensive service. At the same time, it will help contain cost of claims for insurers. Generally, premiums will not rise if the cost of claims are contained.

  10. What about people who want to send their cars back to their dealership or favorite mechanic?
    Each insurance company offers different types of motor insurance policies. Certain types of policies allow the policyholders to use any workshop. Please check with your motor insurance policy or with your motor insurer.

  11. If I bring my accident vehicle to the authorized reporting center or workshop, how much do I have to pay for the inspection, survey and accident filing process?
    There are no fees or charges involved in the reporting process.

  12. Are all motor insurers in Brunei part of the MCG?
    The MCG is an industry initiative and all motor insurers in Brunei support the MCG.

  13. Will each insurer has a hotline to provide advice and assistance in view of the new MCG?
    Some insurers will have an accident hotline. While others will use an elected towing company as their accident hotline.

  14. Does the MCG still apply if I get into an accident while traveling in Sabah or Sarawak, for example?
    The MCG will not apply in territories outside of Brunei. You may follow the normal procedures and contact the appropriate local authorities.

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